La organización del RIC2021.CAT quiere facilitar a todo los participantes la posibilidad de realizar descenso de cañones de todo tipo, independientemente del numero de dias que esten con nosotros. Por este motivo no solo proponemos los más cercanos al campamento base (perimetro de 1 hora en coche) sino que ademas añadimos dos zonas, un poco más alejadas, que van a permitir aumentar el catalogo de cañones disponibles, aumentando el número de descensos extraordinarios. De esta manera todos aquellos que esten con nosotros los 10 días de duración del encuentro tienen asegurado, si lo desean, actividad non stop de alto nivel.

Las zonas son las siguientes:

ZONA 1: Campamento Base, Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Pulsa aquí para más información.

ZONA 2: Canigó. Pulsa aquí para más información.

ZONA 3: Ariège, Pulsa aquí para más información.

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Maps, topos, tracks, waypoints and access information will be available on our partner's website:, with the tag = RIC2021.

The organization team will be managing the access time and the number of teams minimizing this way jams and improve fluidity in the canyons.

Weather information and water level of each canyon will be given every day by the organization team.

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Navegación outdoor

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Each canyon proposed for RIC2021.CAT has been checked by the organization.

However, as canyons are subject to rises in the river level, landslides, stones or trees falling, and many other types of deterioration, the organization team cannot assure safety with respect to access, equipment or belaying. For this reason, each participant is responsible for checking the access points, the situation as he/she progresses along the canyon and every individual anchor point.

Each participant must, therefore, be fully equipped with all the necessary kit (sufficient anchors) and be prepared to renounce in case of even the slightest doubt.

The organization team of RIC2021.CAT will no way be responsible for the safety in the canyons.

All teams must respect weather conditions or the level of the river flow. Each participant will take personal responsibility and responsibility for the team he/she participates in.

These canyons are only for independent (”autonomous”) canyoners with good technical knowledge and physical condition (NOT for beginners).

Sufficient food and water supplies enough ropes (3x the highest abseiling length) Complete first aid material, personal material, and emergency bolding/equipment material must be part of one’s personal equipment whenever one enters a canyon.

All information is valid only for the same day, or the half-day in some canyons.

Any canyoning entry and descent is entirely under the responsibility of the teams and individuals participating in the RIC2021.CAT.

Canyoning can only be carried out with suitable personal equipment, in particular, all the climbing equipment needed for the specific canyon, technical knowledge to enable the descent within the canyon in complete safety, as well as checking conditions (weather, risk of water level rise, the physical condition of the participants, etc.).



  1. Always check the weather forecast before entering any canyon
  2. Always check the water flow at the end of the canyon and this must be suitable for a safe descent.
  3. Always have an anchoring set or a piton for any possible repair.
  4. Always wear your helmet and check relays before any descent.
  5. Always carry an aluminum-blanket, a pocket torch, and a first aid kit.
  6. Always let the organization secretary know where you are going and when you are coming back.
  7. Always ask for information on possible changes or corrections related to access to the canyon there or it’s belaying.
  8. Always keep the telephone numbers of organization a rescue team in your phone
  9. Always bring extra security rope, plenty of water and food.
  10. Always respect the safety rules and your capabilities/stamina.
  11. Do not descend in groups smaller than 4 people.
  12. Do not enter a canyon improperly trained.
  13. Do not pester the animals and do not cut any flowers.
  14. Do not scream, do not make noises and do not litter.
  15. If you are a beginner, always go with a more experienced team.
  16. Individual equipment must be complete and in good working order.
  17. Your physical condition must be good enough for the planned excursion.

All these points are both the individual responsibility of each participant and of each team.

The RIC2021.CAT organization team declines all responsibility in this regard.